Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cosmoprof : Worldwide Bologna 2012 - Zoya and Qtica

Look for Art of Beauty 
(makers of Zoya and Qtica
at Cosmoprof Bologna
March 9-12, 2012

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Zoya and Qtica team visits Italy and wins hearts!

Art of Beauty visits Italy!
Evento Zoya & Emani: anteprima - A very special event in Milan, Italy, hosted by Nailevo CEO, Barbara Ferraro,Top Media and Salon/Spa Professionals had the unique opportunity to meet with Zoya Reyzis (Founder), Michael Reyzis and Leo Reyzis of Art of Beauty (makers of Zoya and Qtica).

The Art of Beauty team had the honor to present many awards to top performing professionals and to speak to the crowd, where recent fashion collaborations and collections were spotlighted.

"The lovely Mrs. Zoya herself, made an appearance. She is an incredibly humble and wise woman.  She continued to prove so when she took the time to enlighten me on various topics throughout the evening."

"...The company’s innovative approach has gained them not only a high magnitude of success, but a great deal of esteem within the industry."
"They are the first ever “safe nail-polish formula” and do not contain any chemicals in which are harmful to your health. Each shade of polish is named after a woman’s name; which virtually means that you die hard nail polish addicts out there have the opportunity to have one named after you!"
Julius Bee

above image credit: Julius Bee Blog
Michael Reyzis (Art of Beauty), Alberto Nano (Nailevo), Leo Reyzis (Art of Beauty) and Zoya Reyzis (Art of Beauty)

Translated Text... "The (Nailevo) Italian power distribution network involves only beauty salons, hairdressing salons, nail the Center, the Spa, from September 2010, Zoya Point, salons authorized dealers (a list of Zoya Point nearest you can find on the site)."
Paper Blog

Art of Beauty is continuing it's stay in Italy this week by attending Cosmoprof 2012 (March 9-12), the international exhibition dedicated to the aesthetics and beauty that will take place in Bologna, Italy.

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Zoya True and Fleck Effect featured in Chesapeake Family

Zoya's Spring Hues from the True and Fleck Effect Collections are featured in most recent Chesapeake Family - check it out!

"Their spring True collection, with a few creme beiges and shimmery, dusty greens and purples—at first a strange mix, but one that rapidly grew on me. Similarly well done is Zoya's Fleck Effect collection, a trio of flakey topcoats that flash different colors in the light. You can either layer them on top of other nail polish for a deep effect or wear them alone for a sheer, jelly look with immense sparkle."

Zoya is the new color of Fashion! Spanish Version Talks Remove+

Zoya Remove+ Featured as Maquillaje's "Producto de la Semana" or Product of the Week!

English Translation of the Maquillaje Article:

Winner of multiple awards, this remover promises to protect your nails to the max.

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover is not your average nail polish remover. With its wonderful 3-in-1 formula, it takes off old polish, preps and conditions your nails without leaving them dry or chalky. If that wasn't enough, it strengthens the nail bed to promote its growth. Did someone say miraculous?

Glitter nail polish looks divine for parties and celebrations, but surely you have gone through the tedious time of removing it... after several tests, Zoya Remove Plus was the only remover that removed every last piece of glitter. Believe me, just for this it deserves five stars.

The Zoya Nail Polish Remover is perfect for at home manicures or pedicures, as it comes in three convenience (and economical!) sizes. Want more from this brand? Don't forget the fabulous color Mitzi, part of our feature for St. Patrick's Day.

To see the entire article in Spanish click here.

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get the Zoya Fleck Effect!

Add a Zoya Fleck Effect Nail Polish Glaze to any shade to change the look instantly. Mix it up, try something new - take your look from day to night with just a single coat...
It's fast, it's easy, it's gorgeous!!!

  • Zoya Chloe: Pale pink tint with multi-colored mylar flecks.
  • Zoya Maisie: Soft blue tint with blue/green mylar flakes.
  • Zoya Opal: Pale green tint with blue/green mylar flakes.

See Nail Polish Swatches of the Zoya True Collection and Zoya Fleck Effects from top nail blogger Scrangie here!

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Eco-Chic Nail Polish for Eco-Chicks by Zoya!

See Zoya Nail Polish in Bevin today on Organic Beauty Talk!

You name it...
Mint Green
Sage Green
Dusty Green
Soft Green
Tulip Green
Jade Green

All gorgeous - All green - All the time...

Toxin Free Zoya formula makes this nail polish the healthy choice for green greenies worldwide!

Zoya Nail Polish
Eco-Chic for Eco-Chicks!

Zoya is the HEALHTY new color of Fashion!

Color me Jules - Color us Zoya Gemma for St. Patricks Day!

Who needs green Beer??? 

Green Nail Polish is the girly way to celebrate the day we all become a little bit Irish - St. Patricks Day - see the recent posting by Color me Jules on Zoya Nail Polish in Gemma for a great green choice. 

Zoya Gemma is a true green beauty (and party perfect - should local festivities call)!

For even more great green nail polish choices visit the Zoya Green Nail Polish page.

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zoya Nail Polish - Pinterest

Q: Is Zoya Nail Polish on Pinterest?
A: Yes!

If you like a Zoya image we post...
or have one of your own nail polish swatches to share 

make sure to Pin the look on Pinterest

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Monday, March 5, 2012

All Lacqured Up - Zoya True Collection Swatches

The original nail polish swatch blog, All Lacquered Up (ALU), falls hard for the unexpected and beautiful nail colors the Zoya True Collection for Spring 2012 !

"I’m sure like a lot of you, I feel programmed to expect Spring to be all a flutter with sheers, pastels and brights. So much so that anytime a brand releases anything outside that color box, I get excited. The True collection certainly gives me butterflies."

"...there isn’t a color in this collection I would label as a “pass” or one I plan to pass on to friends."
All Lacquered Up  

The Zoya Nail Polish True Collection is in stock and available now. 
$8.00 per bottle (US) 

Enjoy the ALU Nail Polish Swatches...

Zoya is the color of fashion!

Backstage at Rachel Zoe with Lyra Mag and Zoya Nail Polish

   Want the Skinny on everything Zoya? Lyra Mag has you covered...

Lyra Mag gives you the low-down on the
NYFW nail look backstage at Rachel Zoe
Fall 2012. With information about the
featured nail polish colors (Zoya Amminah layered over Zoya Avery), new Zoya Nail
Polish Collections and what exactly goes into color creation - they covered all their bases.

Let's not forget that the staff at Lyra Mag
makes it clear they are no strangers to
Zoya Nail Polish...

"It should be noted, Zoya nail polish is incredibly long lasting-we wear it all the time and unlike some other brands that peel off in a day...we only need to touch up the tips here and there. PLUS: Zoya nail polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor...a reason that Rachel Zoe herself is such a big fan."

See additional backstage footage and learn more about the inspiration behind Rachel Zoe's Fall - Winter 2012 Collection here

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Beautiful Garcelle Beauvais rocks a Trixie-ish silver nail...

Now this is what we call a beautiful trio... stunning actress Garcelle Beauvais, Blinging Beauty and Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie - Nuff said!!!

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!