Friday, October 1, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish delivers an early holiday gift of Fire to Scrangie, Temptalia and The Nailphile!

Bloggers Scrangie, Temptalia and The Nailphile wrote about some wonderful Zoya colors! Here  is a sampling  from their sparkling reviews!


As per usual her descriptions are like no other - make sure to visit her site to see all the gorgeous pictures and details of our new Zoya Flame Collection.

By the way Scrangie (and everyone), It's Sarah with an "H" - one of the warehouse fairies decided to drop the "H" during the first label printing ... but hey if you spell your name without the "H" now is the time to get "your" bottle :)

"Overall, this is a kick-ass collection. I crave sparkles. I love every single color and I'd wear them all. Obviously, Valerie is my favorite. These are nice winter shades, icy blue and festive red, but no reason at all you couldn't wear them year round. I think Tiffany is actually a nice beachy looking shade for summer. All the shades are packed with life and sparkle and magic and they make me want to stare at my fingertips all day. Distracting!"

 Temptalia gives the overall collection an incredible review.

"The formula was even, smooth, and not too thick or thin. Everything applied with ease, and I didn’t have any trouble removing them. The glittery shades like Crystal may leave some glittery bits on your fingers, but it’s not at all like removing a large particle glitter polish. I used two coats on all six shades, but Lisa, Sara, and Valerie were quite pigmented in just one. I found to get a smooth, even distribution of shimmer/glitter, two coats were optimal."

If you are looking for a reason to love Zoya Nail Polish check out this review by The NailPhile. Her lovely photographs capture the stunning collection in great detail.

"I'm quite a fan of them - I really like the colors, the finishes, and how they work together, and the polishes are easy to work with."

What great reviews! To get Zoya Nail Polish today check out!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoya Color Spoons provide a new way to shop for nail color - online and in the salon!

 When our customers told us the couldn't find the perfect nail polish color online, Zoya came to there rescue with Zoya Color Spoons! Nail Pro Magazine took notice of this revolution in online buying!! Zoya Color Spoons are finally getting their due! Zoya Nail Polish is so pleased to have the eye of salon and spa professionals in the October edition of Nail Pro Magazine!! Within the pages of this industry leader there were two great mentions of Zoya Color Spoons!

Here is a piece of what they said:

"Have you ever applied nail polish and it turned out not to be the color you thought it was? The Zoya Color Spoon makes that scenario obsolete." -Nail Pro Magazine 

 There is even a blurb from our VP of Marketing Leo Reyzis talking about Zoya Color spoons. He says
"It's amazing that we will be able to do this for our customers. There really is nothing else like it in the nail polish market today." 

 To find your perfect color today go to

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish- Ode to Spoons!

 Kracey Beauty Blogger Adina wrote this (in addition to a wonderful poem :) ) about Zoya Color Spoons!

" Truly, finding the perfect red nail polish is no longer a challenge. It really can be as easy as fitting a few spoons on your digits. Zoya has gone and done did it again, revolutionizing the way that you and I buy polish online. Stop struggling, and start spooning with Zoya Nail Polish today!"

A huge Zoya Polish Fairy thank you to you! You can read the whole article here!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coverage for Zoya Reverie Collection!

Australian Blog The Nail File posted a wonderful review of the Zoya Reverie Collection!!!

"Zoya have taken the pastels we all love for spring and given them an extra dimension with a shot of liquid metal. There are six hot duo-chromatic shades in the Reverie collection...Zoya polishes have incredible staying power and are toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBP free – safe as houses." - The Nail File

Be sure to check out all of the wonderful colors in the Reverie Collection. Zoya Laney, Zoya Adina, Zoya Happi, Zoya Lana, Zoya Reece, Zoya Gwin

Read the rest of the article here!

Zoya Nail Polish- Lael, Dea, Pinta and Casey Top Picks for Fall

Asami from listed Zoya Lael, Zoya Dea, Zoya Pinta and Zoya Casey as some of her top picks for fall! Thank Asami!! Watch the full video below.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Zoya Remove + wins an Allure Best of Beauty Award!

The Best Nail Polish Remover is Zoya Remove +  - The experts at Allure know what they are talking about and have named Zoya Remove + as a Best of Beauty winner in the Oct 2010 issue. Our incredible Zoya Remove + Nail Polish Remover was recognized as the Best Nail Polish Remover. First they picked us as a monthly editors pick and now this - WOW!!! They like us - they really like us!!! Thanks Allure!

See Remove + featured both online and in the October 2010 issue of Allure Magazine.

Learn more about the Allure Best of Beauty awards...

Best of Beauty:

Want more Allure Best of Beauty Winners like Zoya Remove +? Download the iphone ishopper app from Allure here!

Zoya Nail Polish in Girlfriend Magazine

More coverage in Australia!  Zoya Nail Polish was in Girlfriend Magazine! The article featured Zoya Adina, Zoya Laney, Zoya Happi and Zoya Harley!

Zoya Nail Polish- Ultra Glitter Collection in Australia!

Zoya Ultra Glitter is hot in Australia!! Blogger Chloe Schneider wrote this about the Zoya Utra Glitter Collection

"Zoya is out to prove that sophistication and sparkle can co-exist with this amazing new collection. Three amazing new shades including silver, a warm pink with deep red glitter and a magenta with pink and purple glitter flicks have been released and all three really pack a punch."

 Be sure to try all three Zoya Ultra Glitters!!! Zoya Nova, Zoya Luna and Zoya Astra are ready to sparkle for you!!!  (a personal fav!) You can read the whole article here!