Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zoya Wicked Collection - Julieanne preview

Introducing Zoya Nail Polish in Julieanne from the upcoming Fall 2010 Zoya Wicked Collection...
Sparkly and ripe this new purple nail polish from Zoya is a great grape.

If you LOVE the Zoya Sparkle Collection and all of its sparkling metallic beauty - Wicked will be a must-have for you!

Coming soon to a salon or spa near you! Available on after July 1, 2010.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish Kids!

We love twitter for so many reasons, but now we love it for one more- followers can send us adorable pictures of their children with Zoya Nail Polish on. All we can say is awww!!

This picture was tweeted to us by Felizarine and Zoya Nail Polish in Savita has never looked cuter, thank you Felizarine! You can follow us on twitter here and remember we love getting fan pics, especially when they are so darn adorable.

Wanna look like a Disney Princess?

Zoya Nail Polish can make it happen! My Precious Nail Polish has been feeling inspired by the Little Mermaid and what better nail polish to make you feel like a mermaid than Zoya Nail Polish in Charla!
You can see the rest of her mermaid inspired make up here!

Zoya Wonderful Collection - First Look

Introducing Zoya Nail Polish in Kelly from the upcoming Fall 2010 Zoya Wonderful Collection...
A lovely stormy, dark gray nail polish with a hint of lavender - similar to a paynes gray cream (William Payne, an 18th century water colorist). If you are looking for something unique, edgy and very pretty this will be your color!

Coming soon to a salon or spa near you! Available on after July 1, 2010.

In case you are wondering, the bracelets are from the wonderful Alex and Ani :) Love them!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zoya friends and manicurists to the stars Lisa Logan and Kimmie Keys deliver beautiful nails from east to west.

Celebrity manicurists Lisa Logan and Kimmie Keyes have a huge story in this month's Nails Magazine and we are so excited for them! Zoya Nail Polish has worked with Lisa Logan and Kimmie Keyes for a while now and we are so glad their amazing work is getting the attention it deserves!
The story goes through a day in the life of each manicurist and both of them mention Zoya! Lisa Logan talks about how she made the rose nails for Beyonce using Zoya Nail Polish in Sam! (see picture to the right) Kimmie Keyes mentions how Zoya Nail Polish in Charla is one of her new favorite Spring shades. We are so glad they love Zoya and we love both of them right back!

Zoya Nail Polish is Blushing Bride Perfect!

Ding, Ding! We hear wedding bells and they are in Italy! One of Italy's wedding magazine, Sposa Cheri , has picked some of the best beauty products for  weddings and Zoya Nail Polish has made the list! They say for September weddings the best color is a nice light amber, or beige like Zoya Amanda!
 For more wonderful wedding colors go to!

Examine Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya Nail Polish's Sparkle Collection has recently been featured on Cleveland's Examiner and beauty editor, Katherine Robinson loves it!
"What is so fabulous is the sparkles are evenly mixed with the color and it creates a subtle and evenly spread shine all over the nail. There are no chunks of sparkle, but will leave your nails with a glimmer of glamour."-Examiner

Her favorite is Zoya Mimi, but we find it hard to choose between the six of them! For more wonderful Sparkly polish go to

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Zoya Winter in Australia!

Zoya Nail Polish is there for you in every season, and right now it's winter in Australia!

What's a perfect winter shade? Zoya Nail Polish in Envy!!! This gorgeous green will instantly make the winter down under even more wonderful!

Zoya Nail Polish in Croatia

Zoya Nail Polish along with Qtica, and Qtica Smart Spa has hit Croatia!
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